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Critical Care/Hospital
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In addition to the critical care services provided by our physicians, we have an excellent team of physician assistants and nurse practitioners present in the intensive care unit and on the floors at our local hospital. Our care team is dedicated to providing all of our patients with high quality medical care and assisting in the transition to outpatient care once the patient has been discharged from the hospital.

Additional members of the PCS team are:

  • Rachel Bautsch, PA-C
  • Emily Day, PA-C

  • Robert Gilbert, PA-C

  • Anisa Jallal, PA-C
  • Timothy Waters, ARNP

Currently, our PCS team is serving patient needs in the intensive care unit and treating pulmonary conditions at Health Park Medical Center.


This form is for potential new patients only. If you are an existing patient, please use the patient portal. Please don't share any medical information on this form. We will contact you to gather more information. Thank you.

Note: This form is for general inquiries only and is not meant for use by existing patients. If you are a current or previous patient and you need to contact us please call 239-985-1925 between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday. If you have a medical emergency, please call 911.

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